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Toenail Fungus Remedies: How to Avoid Snake Oil Cures
By Heather Stewart, Senior Editor www.NailFungusConsumerReview.com

Toenail fungus remedies comprised of ordinary ingredients found around the home are quickly joining the ranks of the many others that are used by people for treating everything from common ailments to serious medical conditions as more and more of us are looking for “natural” alternatives.

Although there are prescription drugs available for treating toenail fungus they, unfortunately, have shown limited success rates as well as a list of serious side effects to consider. So, could toenail fungus remedies that eschew these medications actually work or are they all simply worthless snake oil cures you will want to avoid?

The Most Popular Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus

Soaking the feet and toenails in vinegar is one of the most popular of all the nail fungus remedies using natural ingredients or common products found around the house and intended for other uses. For example, both apple cider and white vinegar appear quite often in home remedies for fungal infections of the toenails.

But, some nail fungus home remedies can definitely do more harm than good such as one that recommends soaking the feet in chlorine bleach. Bleach is a hazardous product containing chemicals that will corrode or eat away at the skin. The fumes from chlorine bleach are also harmful and it can damage the eyes in an instant. Would you really want to soak your feet in something that is known to have such an effect on the body?

Although essential plant oils, which are all natural, seem to be much safer than something as harsh and corrosive as chlorine bleach, some of them can cause allergic reactions either when use alone or in conjunction with other oils.

The essential oils appearing most often in toenail fungus remedies include lavender, oregano, and tea tree. Tea tree oil does contain natural antifungal and antibacterial properties but using the oil alone has shown little promise other than anecdotal reports of its effectiveness.

Some rather unusual concoctions and methods that are also touted as being the absolute best nail fungus remedy to try is soaking the feet in beer or in Listerine mouthwash or covering the affected nails with Vick VapoRub. We know that beer is best for drinking, mouthwash serves the purpose of keeping our breath fresh and keeping plaque at bay, and Vicks is for easing the symptoms of colds and similar ailments, so how could any of these items become thought of as a toenail fungus remedy?

While many of these remedies for toenail fungus may seem ridiculous at first, some of them do have a bit of scientific basis behind their theories, such as the healing properties of tea tree oil. However, it’s also a proven fact that conditions such as toenail fungus are also incredibly difficult to treat especially when people attempt to “medicate” themselves leaving them with much disappointment but few results.

Nail fungus remedies using these types of ingredients may also be considered cheap at first but when considering the vast length of time and the sheer amount needed before any results are shown, the cost quickly adds up.

Whatever home remedy for toenail fungus you decide to try you would be well advised to proceed with caution and explore each of your options carefully. Finding more effective toenail fungus remedies that have been tested for their ability to eradicate nail fungus using natural ingredients in therapeutic dosages is highly advisable. After all, you definitely want to cure your fungal infection as quickly as possible while spending as little time, effort, and money in the process.

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